wending and beholding

to seek understanding

The meaning of wending is rooted in the Proto-Indo-European word wendh "to turn, wind, weave", which is also related to wander. The sense is of a meandering movement through/across/within a place that re-establishes our relationship with it.

Beholding is recognising and respecting the personhood of every living being we encounter.

Understanding is far more than knowledge, encompassing our ongoing mutual relationship with all the persons (human and more than human) who, interwoven with us, make up a lifeplace.


Originally from Scotland, the winds have borne me first to England, where I worked for 20+ years at World Goodwill, and then to the Netherlands, where I'm slowly taking root.

My academic and working background includes an M.Sc. in Environmental Management (a phrase I'd now problematise!), and university-level experience teaching adults in Environmental Education. At World Goodwill I was responsible for researching and writing about a wide variety of service initiatives within civil society. This focus on service, together with my continued interest in sustainable and regenerative ideas, has led me to reflect on ways and means of helping others to move in the direction of bioregional (lifeplace) and kinship consciousness. I would love to share some of these ideas and methods with you.