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- What to expect

My aim is to stimulate an imaginative inquiry into the nature of the place you live, your 'lifeplace', in the context of bioregionalism and kinship ethics. This is why it's best that the place is near where you live/work.

Come with your stories and ideas about this place, and I hope you will leave with a broader context for these stories, and maybe ways in which they connect with other important stories about the chosen place. The aim is not to arrive at definitive answers - we are searching for better questions about how your lifeplace relates to other lifeplaces, and what that might mean.

Please note: English is my mother tongue, so I will be talking mainly in English, although I will try to have some Dutch ready for key points. The language will be non-technical. I don't expect anyone attending to speak fluent English, as long as you can understand it.

- Place for walk

In some ways, the place chosen for the walk is very important; in others, not important at all. Try to pick a place that you and your co-explorers already have some form of connection with. If possible, make the place only a short travel away from wherever you are all coming from (work or home). Don't worry about whether that particular place is representative of the wider place in which it is embedded - we'll get to that!

If none of the above is possible, then also don't worry - just pick the nearest place you can all get to that is at least semi-natural (a park in a town is fine) and open to recreational walking. Or if you want, I can do this.

- Size of group

The ideal size is from 3 to 9 people. Perhaps you have a couple of friends who share an interest in nature; or are part of a local interest group concerned with the history or heritage or environment of your community? It would be helpful if you could include information of this kind in your booking message, along with any relevant website(s).

If you are just one person, then let's talk and see what's possible.

- Cost (see also Value Exchange)

40 euros per person for a one-hour exploration; 25 euros for under-18s; negotiable rates for customised explorations (e.g. larger groups/longer explorations). I can send you a Tikkie or details of how to pay via Paypal.

If you and/or your friends are unwaged, send me a message and we'll see what's possible; or go to the section on Value Exchange.

- Equipment

- Sturdy boots or shoes for walking

- Weather-appropriate clothing

- Open mind